tohuwabohu In technology, chaos reigns supreme.


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Welcome to This is a place where I express my thoughts, mishaps and insights on anything tech related. My name is Stefan Poindl and I have been a professional Software Engineer since 2013. Based in Vienna, Austria, I had various stations in my career. My experience includes designing and developing new software from scratch to boost business processes as well as maintenance and modernization of legacy systems. The companies I worked at range from multi-media enterprises to insurance companies, consulting firms and major banks.

I still remember every project I have ever worked on. Those include mobile telephone number portability, online customer portals for consumers and financial advisers, live monitoring of the Eurovision Song Contest and core banking systems. Every night when I go to bed, I feel deep satisfaction knowing that my code is helping people around the world with their daily interactions and can not wait to find out what comes next.

Software Engineering is my passion. It does not stop once I step out of the office. In my private time, I keep improving my skills by educating myself about the newest technologies and honing my craft with private projects. Often those new experiences find their way into my professional work.

Also, I believe in sharing knowledge. During my career I came across many problems and always found a solution thanks to online sources and colleagues. Keeping each other in the loop helps to develop different ways of thinking.

… this blog

Over the last decade I encountered many problems as Software Engineer and I think some of them might be worth sharing.

One can easily be overwhelmed with how many solutions there are today for solving problems and how those solutions cause other problems that need to be solved. For every solution there was a problem and for every problem there are thousands of solutions.

So, what exactly is a Tohuwabohu?

Borrowed from Biblical Hebrew תוהו ובוהו, from תֹהוּ‎ (tóhu, “nothingness, void”) + בֹּהוּ‎ (bóhu, “emptiness, desolation”).

In German, it roughly translates to chaos, more specifically Tohuwabohu describes a reality ruled by chaos. Welcome to the guided tour through the chaos that is modern technology.

I started this blog because at some point I thought, why not document my private projects. I like to try stuff that I usually don’t encounter in my work as employee. By sharing knowledge everyone profits and this way it’s easier revisiting stuff I made in the past.

I’m trying to refrain from click-baity titles, oversized stock photos and just keep the blog posts straight. Some are in-depth analysis of problems I encountered and how to fix them, others are descriptions of my own projects or tools I use and from time to time I provide tutorials on how to do tech related stuff.

If you have any feedback or want any topics covered, you can contact me by mail: